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2021 St. Johns County Tourist Development Arts, Culture and Heritage Grant Program.
The purpose of the Tourist Development Arts, Culture and Heritage Grant program is to provide financial support  for high quality events and programs that are unique to St. Johns County, Florida.

These events and programs should generate interest from within and outside of  the county; attract overnight visitors; and generate incremental economic activity.  

There are three unique grant categories:

Annual and Special Events: These larger programs and events may be ticketed and both for-profit and not-for-profit entities are eligible to apply.  They should provide high-quality experiences that will attract visitors from outside of St. Johns County and increase overnight stays in County lodging.  Applicants may request grants of up to $60,000 per program or event.

Visitor Experience Grants:  These grants, of up to $20,000, support free events and programs designed to enhance the experience of visitors to St. Johns County and to provide arts, culture and heritage experiences for County residents.  Both for-profit and not-for-profit entities may apply.

Resource Development Grants:  Only not-for-profit organizations and certain governmental entities may apply for Resource Development Grants.  These grants are designed to support projects that will either develop new cultural assets or provide enhancements to existing assets,  and may be approved for up to $30,000.  Examples of qualifying projects are public art installations; interpretive signage; and exhibit improvements such as lighting and display components.

 Grant applications must be completed through this portal.

This year's Application Deadline is July 5, 2020 at 11:59 pm.  

Late Applications are not accepted under any circumstances.  

 Organizations may submit grant applications for multiple programs or events; however, only one application per event is allowed. Duplication or overlap between applications - including programming, matching funds and use of awarded grant funds - is not allowed. Each organization may submit up to a total of six separate applications among the three Grant categories.

Please carefully review the Grant Guidelines found here for complete information about each Grant category.  The basic information that follows is simply a summary of requirements that apply to all Grants:

1.  The Grant Period is October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021.  All grant funded Projects / Events must be completed within the Grant Period.

2.  Funded programs and events must take place within St. Johns County, Florida. 

3.  Arts, culture and / or heritage ("ACH") must be the primary focus of the event or program funded by the grant.

4.  Programming must be open and accessible to the general public.  Any cost associated with participating in the programming must be reasonably affordable to the average resident or visitor.  Visitor Experience programs and events must be offered at no charge.

5.  Applicant organizations must be qualified to do business in Florida.

6.   Applicant organizations must have a checking account with a licensed financial institution.
7. Because this is a reimbursement grant, Applicant must demonstrate sufficient available funds for planning and implementation of the event or program. 
 Grant funds are released following submission of paid invoices documenting eligible expenses, proof of matching funds, and submission of the interim or final report.  Funding advances are not made as part of the Grant.

8. Payments or reimbursements for expenses occurring outside of the Grant Period are not allowed.

9. Grant applications must include a reasonable method for projecting, evaluating and reporting event or program attendance; the number of related out-of-county visitors and overnight stays; and incremental economic activity generated by the grant activity.
10. Matching funds are required for all grants, although the amount and type of match varies among the grant categories.  See the complete guidelines for more information.


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